quinta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2010

One of a kind

Isto é tão gentil e tão bonitinho que não resisti pôr aqui, e quem pergunta para que gostar de gentilezas com certeza está no aquário da esquerda.

Think about it? There's only 6 maybe 7 billion people on the earth -- 1/2 are women. 3/4 are ugly -- and the remaining pool more than 1/2 are taken (married) a significant number are lesbians. Then we have to further cut the number down so as to eliminate all American women (BTW, they're too fat -- I like a woman that's fit and carries herself well -- hmmm..like you). So anyway, the Latin American woman for the most part don't speak English (and really good --- hmmm....again like you) and divide by 12 any number you come up with -- because only 1/12 of them are Libras. So, discount any woman from Rio -- not my style -- meaning I like a serious woman -- and I doubt you could come up with anyone else besides yourself?

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