quinta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2010

Time warp

Just when I thought I was over you. And I am. But even so, certain things remain out of time and space. I see clearly and totally understand things are what they are, and are likely to be so forever. But there are people and situations that will always be somewhere else, somehow different, somewhat unforgettable. But that happens as time warp and in a place out of nowhere, with no possibilities whatsoever of collapsing into reality, but still, they do. Then in the middle of the day, out of nothing, I think of you. No actions intended, no regrets, no possibilities. It's just there. And the time warp reverses into deep, deep longing. I must confess, longing to at least the last minute before you go forever. And then it's daylight again. And despite of all that - or because of all that - I come back to the real possibilities of the world. Maybe it would had been better not to have been in that place. But I was. We were. And that is unchangeable.

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